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Cycl-e Around,
a new way to enjoy your holiday

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Cycling: a long-standing love
In the first Giro d’Italia in history, in 1909, thirty of the forty-nine finalists had Pirelli tyres fitted on the wheels of their bikes.  Twenty-nine years later a young Gino Bartali won his first Tour de France, burning Pirelli rubber on to the scorching French asphalt. This was followed by victories from Fausto Coppi, then Bartali again, and then Coppi once more, in a head-to-head rivalry that made it impossible to tell which of the two was the best. These were the first demonstrations of the natural, almost symbiotic bond between Pirelli and the world of cycling. It was as if the two words were synonyms. A year ago the Milanese company answered an instinctive calling by returning to cycling once more, developing a product of the highest quality in the racing sector.

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Cycl-e Around: an exclusive service for a sustainable mobility
Cycl-e Around is a unique mobility service launched in collaboration with some of the top names in the luxury hotel sector, one that surpasses the simple bike rental concept.
Hotel guests will be able to use the latest generation Stromer e-bikes, with high-performance tyres, to tours around the city and beyond, assisted by expert guides or the hotel managers themselves. All booked in advance, with one tap on their smartphones using a specifically designed app.

3 keywords: quality, simplicity, sustainability
Three keywords can be used to describe Cycl-e Around. The first is quality. This explains the Stromer 's choice, which has always insisted on the highest standards of performance for its bikes - as well as elegance if we’re talking about style. And also the new Cycle-e clincher tyres: for their grip on wet roads, resistance to punctures, response to stress (which is far higher with a pedal assisted bicycle), these are basically tyres with motorcycle-level performance, offering maximum safety even on non-urban terrains. The second keyword nicely counterbalances the first: simplicity in terms of the help that the e-bike gives in pedalling and in other ways, and in the linear design concept of Cycl-e Around. Reserving a bike through the app is instantaneous, at which point the hotel provides the bicycle and a choice of itineraries tailored to the customer; panoramas now open up that would otherwise be out of reach, adding those extra experiences that can make a holiday truly special. And now the third keyword: sustainability. The whole project is in a strongly green vein: the quality of this eco-friendly vehicle par excellence combines with the ability to create a light service. The only thing you need to transform your whole holiday experience is an app. Cycl-e is already available in partnership with the best hotels, but is constantly on the look-out for new synergies to create an ever-bigger and wider virtuous network: the extension of the service to organisations other than hotels is a feasible option. After all, the project’s simple and linear conception opens it up to a network of potentially unlimited contacts.

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Over a century of know-how in the racing world is finally available to those who ride to race themselves.
With P Zero Velo, cycling performance now meets the reliability, the road handling and the grip of Pirelli.
Because the performance of a tyre is also yours.