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Road racing and smart mobility

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New eras call for new technologies, especially when it comes to mobility solutions and transportation in city areas jammed with traffic of autonomous vehicles and public transport.

The increasing number of services and infrastructures dedicated to the bike, seen as an efficient medium for urban mobility, led to an increase of bike users and granted bike-friendly cities the epithet of smart cities.

How could an advanced and up-to-date industry like Pirelli be indifferent to the requests for safety and performance of the always increasing number of riders?

That’s why Pirelli took dedicated all its energy in this new project, ready to change the face of cycling forever. Introducing the Cycl-e bike tyres. The Cycl-e range marks Pirelli’s debut in the e bike sector: a new line dedicated to the most experienced cyclists looking for the best performances.

Cycle-e, developed for the brand-new ST5 e-bike by the Swiss brand Stromer has a fresh and sporting design. Pirelli designed the innovative Cycl-e line to help the riders overcome the daily challenges the road presents to them.

The new tyre offers maximum puncture resistance, a young and trendy ‘look-and-feel’, and the handling and the reliability of a motorcycle tyre, thanks to its patented profile that’s the result of Pirelli’s experience in the motorbike sector, both road racing and sports. The catalyst was the increase of the number of bike users and platforms of bike sharing, in which the brand of Milan saw an opportunity to transfer its experience in innovation and technology, still maintaining the its renowned vision regarding safety and performance.

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Cycl-e is a product of Pirelli’s engagement in the sustainable mobility sector, where the company is also active in the automotive field and of Pirelli’s ‘tailor-made’ strategy that can build a complete product line customized according to the needs and the style of the user.

Pirelli intelligent vision, first understood that different bikes and different riders had different needs. Let alone E-bikes and e-bikers. The increasing importance of being connected to a network of fellow enthusiasts or friends, or the digital recognition of speed, fatigue and position, are all ideas taken into consideration by Pirelli in order to provide the best equipment for the new generation of bikers.

In fact, the new series is meant for that ever-increasing number of cyclists that use an e-bike not only in the city but also for their touring or trekking activities. 

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